Laurie Marsh


Having lived all over the world from an early age as an Air Force brat, and carrying on that tradition by  marrying a Brit and traveling extensively, my motivation and creativity is influenced by  a variety of cultures, my respect and love of all creatures, great and small, traveling, gardening and food. 

I studied art in school and have enjoyed all facets of various creative outlets from water colors, oils, batik, jewelry making, and sculpting, knitting and sewing, but my first love is ceramics and rolling in the mud!  I try to create pieces that have personality and relish the fact that each and every one is unique.  Glazing is another aspect that I enjoy immensely and have been called Glazilla and the Fearless Glazer – of which I am very proud.  Presently acting as the Glaze Director at The Village Potters, mixing glazes and testing new glaze recipes is one aspect of the job that makes it so challenging and rewarding. 

I hope you enjoy my efforts as much as I enjoyed creating them.